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Polar provides a diverse range of manufacturing services, either individually or as part of a comprehensive turnkey solution. Our proficient and knowledgeable team is ready to offer advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

design & engineering

We conceptualise, create detailed plans, and optimise solutions for composite products, employing 3D CAD platforms to fuse creativity, technical expertise, and problem-solving. This approach transforms innovative ideas from concept to reality, ensuring the desired blend of functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Ply Cutting

Our in-house ply cutting machine efficiently cuts composite materials, optimised by nesting software for maximum efficiency. The digitisation of mould tools converts images to DXF files, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. While primarily used in-house, we also offer this cutting service on a subcontract basis.

CNC Machining

Polar’s machining capabilities encompass a variety of materials, ranging from epoxy tooling block and aluminium to carbon fibre. Our expertise extends to components, inserts, mould tools, and pattern work, utilising advanced 3 or 5-axis machines.

3d printing

Construct objects layer by layer from digital models for swift prototyping and manufacturing adaptability. Whether crafting example products, jigs, fixtures, sub-assembly parts, or development models, 3D printing yields customised three-dimensional structures rapidly and efficiently.

composites production

Our manufacturing process integrates prepreg materials, which are meticulously hand-laid, vacuum-bagged, and cured using an autoclave or curing oven. We utilise carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibres, or a blend of these materials to achieve desired product specifications.

spray coating

We comprehend the intricacies involved in preparing composites and various substrates, ensuring the preservation of a flawless carbon fibre weave on visual panels or incorporating tints and full colours for the desired finish.

3d laser scanning

Instantaneously capture or measure a product in 3D CAD with our advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and software. Whether for reverse engineering, metrology, or precise data capture, this technology is an essential tool, providing accurate results in a matter of seconds.

Unlock your project’s full potential with Polar’s expertise. Contact us today to discuss your engineering needs.